Swede Hurt & Mad Maloony -European All Stars!

Stockholm Roller Derby is proud to announce that two of our skaters, Swede Hurt and Mad Maloony, have been included in a European All-Stars invitational team! Along with skaters from Berlin, Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Helsinki and various cities around the UK, our girls will take on London Brawling’s A team in a bout you won’t want to miss.

Saturday 28 April will start a weekend full of bootcamp and bouts, including what will surely be an epic bout between the European All-Stars and London Brawling, the top team in Europe.

The roster of the All-Star team is heavy on jammers, and includes several skaters Swede and Maloony are familiar with as opponents, but none that that either has ever skated with on the same team. “There are lots of awesome skaters, Crazy Legs, Titty Twista, Suvi, Heavy Rotation…we’re just really, really excited about it” says Swede.

The team will have only the night before the bout to familiarize themselves with their new teammates’ playing styles before jumping in and facing the team which placed fifth in the East Coast Regionals last year. When asked what their goals are for their own performances, Swede and Maloony offered up the following nuggets of wisdom: “I just want to have fun, maybe learn some other plays … just basically be the best we can, because you can always be better than you are!” said Swede. As for Maloony? “Learn shit. I just want to learn new shit.”

We hope you are all as excited and proud as we are! Don’t forget to watch on Saturday, 28 April: Stockholm’s own Swede Hurt and Mad Maloony, European All-Stars, taking on London Brawling.