Non Skating Officials

If any of you ever get a chance to see a bout, you’ll notice that there are a lot of staff, up to 7 referees and around 12 officials. For our referees to do a good job, they need these “NSO”s to communicate penalties and scores with during and between jams. The skaters can’t bout without you!

As NSO you will be a fulltime member of our league and enjoy all the benefits that come from this.

Rough job outlines that we need immediately are:

1 Jam timer – whistle signals start & end of full jam, timing 2 minutes per jam, 30 seconds between jams.

1 Inside Whiteboard  – keeping the inside whiteboard updated so refs and coaches can track all players major penalties.

2 Scorekeepers – One for each team, to confirm points scored for each jammer on each scoring pass with jammer refs.

1 Score board operator – You make sure that all the scores end up on the scoreboard so the audience, coaches, players and referees can see.

3 Penalty timers – One for each team and one for the jammers, times 1 minute in the penalty box for penalised skaters.

1 Penalty Box Manager – Responsible for paperwork in the penalty box

1-2 Penalty trackers – Must have ears open at all times! Refs will report all major penalties to you during a jam.

0-1 Penalty Wrangler –  Helps the penalty trackers by running beside the refs and writing down called penalties for faster communication.

2 Lineup trackers – keeping track of what players are in each jam and what position they play in.

Sounds interesting? Wanna be part of this?

Just tell us you’re interested at: referees@rollerderby.se