Wanna Roll With Us?

Stockholm Roller Derby started in 2007 and we are the oldest roller derby league in Scandinavia. Now YOU have the chance to be a part of roller derby history.

The 19th of March Stockholm Roller Derby holds yet another try-out and any female 18 or older is welcome to come.

What you need to bring: A pair of trainers, work-out clothes, water bottle.

If you have gear or skates, bring it! There will be a limited amount of skates and gear at the venue.

The venue can be a bit cold, so dress accordingly.

Time: 19:00 – 22:00 (suggested time to be there is 18:30)

Place: SMC Gocart, Magasin 7, Palermogatan 30, Frihamnen, Stockholm


Visa större karta

To learn more about try-outs and being a part of STRD, follow this link.