Finally, our own track!

5th of October was a great day for Stockholm Roller Derby. During the fall we have been practicing outdoors and the last month it started to get way too cold to be outside. The place we were using was an ice hockey rink, so far without ice, but that was about to change.

We were working hard to make the people in charge of the venues here in Stockholm understand that we do not make marks on the floor and that what we are doing, that is, Roller Derby, is a real sport. Not receiving any indication of success in this aim we were starting to lose hope!

Little did we know, the Derby goddess had a plan. Last Monday our wonderful refs headed to the deserted docks not far from central Stockholm. Well, maybe not deserted, but a place where ships come and go to load and unload, a home of multiple warehouses and an endless amount of trucks. In one particular warehouse our refs entered to paint a track on what was going to be our own floor in our own magical venue.  And last Wednesday, the 5th of October, STRD took their first strides in “Magasin 7”; seven, conveniently, a magical number.

And while some of the team celebrated by enjoying a practice held by the wonderful Ms Smackhouse, others who were unable to skate due to injury celebrated by sharing a hidden bottle of champagne.  Either way, it was a fantastic day! Go-cart venue at day, roller derby haven at night, nothing can stop STRD from its magical future now.