2009 with STRD!

We finally got a practice place, YEY!!! After almost two years of desperate search. It´s not big but it´s ours and we can train there regularly. We also started to go to the skatepark and after a few times we became the regular inventory. We all fell in love with the big vert ramp and we occupied it on Friday afternoons.

In March we made a music video with the Swedish group Melody Club, which included tons of makeup and 12 hours on skates, Yikes! At the end we were so tired the staff had to feed us candy and beer, they sure knew the trick how to get the Derby Girls going! 🙂

The summer came and we headed out on the streets of Stockholm. For some reason most of those times ended up with beer drinking, but that´s the way it should be. No beer tastes so good as the ones after practice. 🙂

During the summer and soon after new leagues popped up all around us. 2 More leagues in Sweden and also 2 in our neighboring countries. We are so excited especially to kick their ass on the track sometime soon.;)

In November the movie Whip it had premiere at Stockholm Film Festival and of course we took the opportunity to promote our league.

Soon after we went down to visit Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz and practice with them. It was amazing! They were such wonderful hosts and we learned a lot from them!

In December we had a frontpage article in the Newspaper about our league and Roller Derby in general. This resulted in new girls showing up at every practice!!! We are so happy about our awesome new girls, and Stockholm Rollerderby is on a roll!!

We are always looking for new skaters, referees and volunteers, so feel free to join at any time!

We would also like to send a special thanks to all of you that contributed to making 2009 such an awesome year:

Melody Club: for a great experience in making a music video

Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz: for being such wonderful hosts

Swede Hurt: for carrying stuff all across the world for us

The Derby Community in general for always showing derby luv and all grils who donated stuff to our league

Mirjam Johansson: for writing such a great article about us

Bea Tigerhielm: our awesome photographer

Derby Debutantes: that always welcomes the visiting swede with open arms!