Team Swedens first victory.

Last weekend Team Sweden played against Team Finland in the world’s first bout between two nations. Roller derby has grown immensely in both Finland and Sweden the last couple of years and now that the best players from the national leagues were gathered expectations rose high. You could tell that both teams were ready to do everything they could to win this prestigious bout.
The historical event took place in Helsinki, and as usual when derby is involved, it was a fantastic day. Apart from the great roller derby spirit, it could be felt amongst the refs, players and audience that together they were creating roller derby history.
After the game Sweden’s team captain HussInsane said:

– I’ve never played a bout that was so hard and technical but at the same time “clean”.
About the two teams’ performance she adds:
– You could tell that Team Finland was more used to playing with each other. It took a little more time for us to find our game. We haven’t had a chance to practice together as much as we would have wanted, since it’s been difficult to find the time and money.


– We started to play more synchronized, and even if we had a bit of a rough start the victory was ours from the get-go. We played a very good defensive game. We took the lead and kept it throughout, but we were never sure to win. After all it is derby, anything can happen, continues HussInsane.

All in all it was a historic bout and one of the greatest ones we’ve seen played in the cold North. The future of Nordic roller derby looks very bright.

HussInsane sums up by saying:
– It felt so good that Team Sweden could come together as a team and win the game and I think that this bodes really well for the upcoming World Cup in Toronto.

What was the final score you may ask?
Team Sweden 135 points – Team Finland 71 points

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