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    • Next weekend there will be an epic fight taking place in Farstahallen.  STRD Heroes takes on STRD Villains. Will justice prevail or will the darn crooks get away with their funky business? The only way to know is to be in Farstahallen at 14.00 december 5th!

We will also have Stockholms first junior scrimmage ever, something worth cheering for!

More information and tickets at our Facebookpage.

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    • HOKA HEY!

    • Today this awesome team take on the B-team of @kalliorollingrainbow. Good luck and go do epic shit! #strd08 #stockholmrollerderby #rollerderby #gobstrds #bstrds
    • 💙💛💙 #strdallstars after their game against Central City yesterday! The game ended 479-56 to STRD. What a way to end an amazing season!

#strd08 #stockholmrollerderby #rollerderby #strdallstars
    • Jumping the apex and scoring five points during the last second of the jam is one hell of a way to end the last game with your team. So amazingly epic!

So much love to @madmaloony and @domino455 who both played their last game with us yesterday. You will be so very missed! 
Thank you @theresekallin for capturing this moment! 
#strd08 #stockholmrollerderby #rollerderby #strdallstars
    • So, this will be a sad one. This saturday will not only be an event of epic proportions with a lot of awesome derby - it will also be the last home game with Allstars for one of our amazing players before she moves to Helsinki for new adventures.
Featured player: Mad Maloony #22
Best STRD memory: I was gonna write one of the many amazing stories I have, but to be honest, my best STRD memories is hearing our supporters shouting LOOOOOONY and me knowing that my blockers have my back so that we can take one more victory together... It might seem vain that hearing my name means so much, but its not the name its the feeling of not being alone, but having this massive support behind you.
First game at 12.30 in Solnahallen this saturday. Get your tickets and read the full profile on Loony and meet more of our players on our Facebookpage.
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    • The money we collected for UNHCR at our homegame September 12 has been delivered! It totalled 1954 SEK. Thank you all for your donations!
    • Gettin ready for a dare - skating at central station in folk costume oh ah tess the mess. #strdallstars
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