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To begin skating you need to have some basic equipment:

Roller Skate (Quad)1. Skates
There are many sites where you can find new or used skates to begin your training with. Make sure that they are in fact roller skates (quad skates) and not inlines. Remember that some wheels are made for indoors-training and some for outdoors. It’s not wrong or bad to use indoor-wheels outside or vice versa, but it can require more effort on your part. For info on where to buy skates, check our links to the right.

2. Protection gear
It is essential that you buy proper protection gear when you start out. The full equipment contains 1. knee-pads (make sure these are for ramp skating), 2. elbow pads, 3. wrist-guards 4. helmet. 5. Mouth Guard (Can be found at Intersport or Stadium for about 60 kr)

On our link page you can find some online-stores where you can buy your gear.

Now you are all set to skate.

Check out some of the videos below to learn a few pointers on skate gear.